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Ski touring in Ötmök Otmok

Ski-touring on the Suusamyr and Ferghana range

Discover the Western Tien Shan

This discovery takes you in the western part of the country, where you will be able to explore the power line from Bishkek to Osh though the Ferghana valley.  You will be able to see and ski a mixture of landscapes and snow conditions.

See and ski a mixture of landscapes and snow conditions

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11 Days Adventure tours Kyrgyzstan

  • 2 people: $2,285

  • 3 people: $1,800

  • 4 people: $1,565

  • 5 people: $1,420

  • 6 people: $1,370

  • 7 people: $1,370

  • 8 people: $1,370

  • 9 people: $1,370

  • 10 people: $1,370

  • 11 people: $1,290

  • 12 people: $1,255

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  Manas International Airport - Ak-Tash Mountain Ski Hotel
Bishkek, arrival and first descents!

Welcome to Kyrgyzstan! Pick-up at the airport where you are greeted by a member of the team who will drive you to your hotel in the heart of the Kyrgyz capital, where you will have breakfast. After getting to know your guide and settling the last administrative formalities, we leave for the bucolic small freeride ski resort of Ak Tash located on the foothills of the Ala Too range, visible from Bishkek. The small family resort of Ak Tash which has 2 ski lifts and a small hotel restaurant is the haunt of the rare Kyrgyz freeriders who love nature and thrills.

During the day, after reviewing the equipment, briefing on the peculiarities of Kyrgyz snow and mountain safety rules, your guide will take you on a first short ski non-groomed slopes of the small station to warm up and take the temperature of the Kyrgyz snow. You will also have the chance to borrow a unique, homemade ski lift that is sure to amuse you! A little advice, raise your spatulas well! Dinner and overnight in the small family hotel.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
100 km
2050 m
400 m
400 m

  Ak-Tash Mountain Ski Hotel - Too-Ashuu Ski Resort
Slopes of Too-Ashuu

Today, we are gaining altitude! Departure after breakfast for another small Kyrgyz resort, Too Ashuu, on the slopes of the upper valley of Suusamyr. To get there, we cross a pass at an altitude of 3200m. We then arrive in a vast white paradise, with immaculate mountains as far as the eye can see and a tiny resort with a few small houses where we will spend the night, the only refuge in the heart of winter in this region.

After lunch and the usual safety checks, your guide will take you a little higher up to a panoramic point over the entire region that will leave you speechless, if the weather is right of course. There is no ski lift here, so we're off to a real hike! In the heart of winter, the temperature can come close to -20 / -25 degrees at the top downwind, take warm layers!

Whatever the temperature up there, once back at the resort you will have the opportunity to appreciate one of the benefits of the culture common to all the countries of the former USSR, namely the "banya", the traditional sauna. Russian that is taken here with an aperitif! And in the sauna, no swimsuit, towels will be provided ... We then move on to dinner and spend the night in our cottages.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
180 km
3050 m

  Too-Ashuu Ski Resort - Ötmök
Ski-touring day at Suusamyr range

Today we are enjoying a full day of ski touring with our guide on the wide slopes of the long valley of Suusamyr. The guide will determine the route according to the terrain conditions and the level of the group. It is therefore not impossible that a short transfer by vehicle is possible. Snacks will be provided during the day. There are a multitude of possible routes in this region, there will be something for everyone!

At the end of the day, we reach our winter yurt camp in Ötmök by road, stuck in the middle of a mountain pasture covered by more than a meter of snow during the winter. The Kyrgyz people, nomadic pastoralists since their origins, still live in summer in their yurts, traditional tents made of wood and felt. The yurt is the very essence of the nomadic way of life that the Kyrgyz people still perpetuate in the mountains. In winter, however, sedentarization has taken place and families live in the villages. A family therefore lets us occupy their yurt during the winter to access the ski slopes and experience this ancestral way of life! Dinner and overnight in the yurt!

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
75 km
2650 m

  Ötmök - Ötmök
Ski-touring at Ötmök

Enjoy a day of ski touring with your
guide on the different slopes of the valleys
Safety check, presence of safety equipment
individual (avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe) and
Several possible routes depending on the difficulty and
short vehicle transfers possible.
Picnic in the mountains.
Return to our cottages at the end of the day
Sauna, dinner and activities

If the yurt camp is not available, then overnight in guesthouse.
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
2700 m
900 m
900 m

  Ötmök - Arslanbob
On the way to southern Kyrgyzstan

This morning we set off for southern Kyrgyzstan and the Fergana Valley, on the border with Uzbekistan. Our route crosses the mountains, along the lake of Toktogul then the Naryn river, still embryo of the powerful Syr-Daria, the nourishing river of Central Asia irrigating with its twin the Amu Darya all Central Asia until the late Aral Sea. Known by the Greeks under the name of Oxus, Syr Daria was in its time the northern border of the empire of Alexander the Great, and a natural barrier between the nomadic peoples of the steppes and the sedentary civilizations of the inhabitants of the mythical cities. like Samarkand, Bukhara or Merv.

We arrive at the end of the day in Arslanbob, a picturesque village populated by Uzbeks and nestled in the shade of the mountains, in the heart of the largest walnut forest in the world. Check in with the locals, dine and sleep in good, soft beds.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
400 km
1500 m

  Arslanbob village - Arslanbob village
Radial exit from our CB in Jaz-Jarym pastures

Breakfast, early morning start to ski in Jayloo Jaz-Jarym, lunch or small picnic, dinner, overnight in tent or come back to village to B&B house

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
10 km
1000 m
1000 m

  Arslanbob village - Arslanbob village
From village, radial exit to the Holy Rock

Breakfast and moving to Holy Rock side. Lunch at the Holy Rock, then down to the Toguz Bulak pasture or back to the village. 

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
10 km
1000 m
1000 m

  Arslanbob village - Arslanbob village
Skiing day at Holy Rock

Breakfast, start at 7-00 to up Holy Rock ski tour till midday, lunch, rest, dinner, overnight in the tents or back to the village.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
10 km
1000 m
1000 m

  Arslanbob - Bishkek
Cultural discoveries in Osh, then flight from Osh to Bishkek

After these beautiful days of skiing, we take the road early in the morning for Osh, the capital of southern Kyrgyzstan in the heart of the Fergana valley, shared by Kyrgyzstan to the east, Uzbekistan to the west and the Tajikistan to the south. This region is a true oasis, which enjoys a fertile land and a pleasant climate. It is also in the Fergana valley that large stopover towns were erected on the Silk Roads, such as the towns of Osh and Ouzgen, which we are going to visit today.

We visit the historical complex of Uzgen where it will be an opportunity to learn a little more about the history of the Silk Roads ...

Arrival in Osh where we have lunch in a "chaikhana", a traditional Uzbek tea house.

We quickly visit the city center and Solomon's mountain before heading to the airport where we take a one hour domestic flight at the end of the day to Bishkek. Quick late dinner in town and overnight at our guesthouse.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
200 km
800 m

  Bishkek - Manas International Airport
Transfer from Bishkek to Manas International Airport.

Depending on your flight time, your guide will join you to the airport and help you check in for your flight.  If your flight is later in the day your guide will show you more places in Bishkek before your flight.We hope you enjoyed your trip to Kyrgyzstan and we hope you come back again to explore other counties in Central Asia with us. 

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
40 km
0 m
100 m

On our tour with Nomadsland everything was perfect, and it was one of the vacations of our life time. From the first day we contacted Fabian we were pleasantly surprised by the dedication and commitment he had put to build and organise the tour. Before and during the trip the communications was excellent and we were very impressed with the arrangements made for the entire trip. It was a unique experience and opportunity to see the untouched landscapes, spend time with local families and enjoy Kyrgyz hospitality. The Yurts family chosen by Nomadsland were simple however the overall experience was authentic. We were very happy by not being surrounded by any tourists. The accommodation and food was excellent. Our driver / guide made the trip really memorable. They have wealth of knowledge of Kyrgyzstan’s history, culture and geopolitical situation. It was worth having them with us as they really helped us connecting with Kyrgyzstan and understand the country. We are very happy that we chose Nomandsland and are looking forward to plan another journey. Many thanks to Fabian, Aizhan, Sergi. It felt that we were invited in Kyrgyzstan rather than being on the tour


Our beautifully well organized trip allowed us to discover this unknown country for us. Around Lake Issyk-Kul, 2 nights with an eagle trainer, 2 nights with a family in Song-Kul, 2 nights in Tach-Rabat and each time days of transitions through magnificent roads and landscapes. Accompanied by the driver guide Yuri, never short of anecdotes, explanations and stories. Thanks to Samuel and the entire NOMAD’S LAND team for the organization and hosting at the Blue Camel guesthouse.

Martigny Croix

On your way

Uzgen KG

Uzgen is a large village on the main road between Jalal Abad and Osh. The modern city of Uzgen is located on the territory of ancient site. Ancient settlement of Uzgen is rich of monuments of settled and nomadic people, dated in a wide chronological range. It belongs to a zone of early contacts on the Silk Road, being the most eastern city centre of Davan, as the city of Ju-chen known on Chinese sources is traditionally localised here in a context of military expeditions of 104-99 BC. Citadel and Shakhristans have been preserved relatively. Officially the complex is a part of "Sulaiman-Too" museum complex with a representative in Uzgen responsible for its protection and management. Uzgen Architectural Complex is on the State list of monuments of national importance.

Osh KG

Osh, the second largest city of the Kyrgyz republic, is one of the oldest settlements of Central Asia. It is located in southwestern Kyrgyzstan near the Uzbekistan border in the eastern section of the Fergana Valley. This one of the Central Asia's most interesting cities because of its long history, dating back as least to the 5th century BC - its position as an important crossroads for Silk Road trade and its huge market. For centuries it was a major silk-production center, strategically situated on a trade route to India.

Sights are: the huge bazaar, Sulaimans Throne (a 200 m hill called Takht-i-Suleyman (Solomon's Throne), where the Prophet Muhammad is thought to have prayed and where Muslim pilgrims began visiting in the tenth century), Baburs House (at the top of Sulaimans Throne), several monuments (especially the one of Kurmanjan Datka –  Kyrgyz feminine ruler and engaged warrior against the Russian invasion), the Russian-orthodox church, the biggest mosque of the country (situated right beside the bazaar) and the Rabat Abdul Khan Mosque (16 th century).

The population of Osh is mostly Uzbek. Osh has two universities, a sanatorium, and an airport. Economic activity has been aided by beneficial reforms and consists of the Jayma bazaar; silk trade; mining of zinc, lead, and coal; food processing; and the production of silk, cotton, and wool.


What is included

  • All transportation in a private vehicle

  • All airport transfers

  • Accommodation as described in the program

  • Meals (3 per day)

  • Bottled water & tea

  • English-speaking IFMGA ski touring tour leader

  • All the activities listed in the program

  • Entry fees at national parks and/or border zones listed in the program

  • Entry fees at museums and historical sites listed in the program

  • Domestic flights mentioned in the program

  • A contribution to our sustainable development projects

  • Organisation of the trip & local taxes

What is not included

  • International flights

  • International banking fees (PayPal, ...)

  • Travel & repatriation insurance

  • Visas / LOI (if applicable)

  • Alcoholic and soft drinks

  • Personal expenses

  • Personal equipment (sleeping bag, headlight, personal medication, etc)

  • Additional costs due to unexpected personal events (health, loss of luggage, ...)

  • Tips for guide & driver (always optional, always appreciated)

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