Who are we?

Nomad's Land organizes all types of ecotourism stays, from adventure treks to cultural stays, mountaineering races and other expeditions on horseback, jeep or ski. Whether you are an occasional hiker or an experienced trekker, alone, with family or friends, Nomad's Land invites you throughout the year to meet the treasures of Central Asia, the most precious of all: its people; Thanks in part to its strong links with local populations and outstanding logistics.

At a time when the world is accelerating, where we have more time to take the time, where we chain destinations as checkboxes on a to-do list, Nomad's Land will take you to the Time to drink a tea in a Uzbek chaikhana in Bukhara, cook a beshbarmak under a yurt on the shore of Song Kul Lake or attend a game of bouzkachi on the high plateaus of the Tajik Pamir in the purest respect of the nomadic tradition .

To leave with Nomad's Land is to ensure a trip in serenity, personalized and 100% modular. Prepare up to the last detail with the team of Nomad's Land the journey that you want according to your passions and your budget and leave with competent guides who will really lead you off the beaten track to the discovery of their country and their culture, To the closest of the local populations and nature, respecting ethics and traditions.

The most adventurous will also be able to benefit from good plans via the network of Nomad's Land while remaining in the spirit of a journey "à la root's". Go for example with a trainee guide, and benefit from discounts for your accommodation; A unique and economical experience. In parallel Nomad's Land will also be there to advise you on the organization of your trip around a drink in Bishkek and will be able to provide all kinds of services to the traveler: booking of transport or accommodation throughout Central Asia, obtaining visas and License, equipment rental, horses etc ...

Last but not least, to go with Nomad's Land is also to contribute to the sustainable development of local communities through responsible tourism and by supporting projects selected by the agency in the fields of environmental protection, social and solidarity economy.

With Nomad's Land, let you nomadize ... # BeNomad