Terms & Conditions

General conditions of OcOO Nomad's Asia, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, owner of the trademark "Nomad's Land" and "Trekkistan"


Registration for one of the trips or stays presented on our website implies acceptance of the general conditions of sale governing relations between travel agencies and their customers. It also implies acceptance of the specific conditions below. Signing the registration form or registering via the Internet after receipt of an electronic acknowledgment implies their acceptance.

On the other hand, any registration must be accompanied by the payment of a deposit representing 30% of the total amount of the trip. Receipt of this deposit implies acceptance of the reservation by Nomad's Asia. The balance will be paid in cash upon your arrival to your guide or our representative on site. If registration is made within 20 days of departure, Nomad's Asia reserves the right to propose a different arrangement for payment or to cancel your reservation without payment of compensation.

For tourism professionals, in addition to the payment of a deposit representing 30% of the total amount of the trip, the customer must pay the balance of the stay no later than 15 calendar days before the start date of the stay. The information needed to make the payment can be requested by email at office@nomadsland.travel.


If, for any reason whatsoever, you have to cancel your trip, the sums you have paid will be refunded to you subject to the following deductions excluding transport tickets.

If the withdrawal takes place:

  • more than 20 days before departure: 25% of the deposit amount will be retained;
  • from 20 days to 11 days before departure: 50% of the amount of the deposit will be retained;
  • from 11 days to 2 days before departure: 75% of the deposit amount will be retained;
  • less than 2 days before departure: 100% of the deposit amount will be retained.

Special conditions:

As a general rule, our trips do not include air tickets for international flights allowing you to arrive or leave Central Asia, however flights between Central Asian countries or domestic flights are included in the price. However, if the program includes flights and registration is not made 60 days before, Nomad's Asia reserves the right to correct the total price of the trip according to availability and flight prices at the time of registration.

You must let us know your cancellation decision by telephone.

Cancellation due to lack of participants

If Nomad's Asia is forced to cancel a departure, due to the insufficient number of participants, the decision will be made and customers informed no later than 21 days before departure. We may have to offer you the departure of the trip under the minimum number of participants planned with a supplement to maintain the departure. Nomad's Asia may cancel a departure following special conditions relating in particular to force majeure, social events, strikes, bad weather, safety of participants. In these cases, participants will be reimbursed in full for the sums they have paid without, however, being able to claim compensation.

Modification of the contract

Any modification of the trip by the customer may result in additional fees or costs, the customer will be informed of this when making his request. A modification of the elements of the contract by Nomad's Asia may occur, if events outside our control arise. We inform our customers as soon as possible.

The prices appearing in our documentation (brochures, websites) are calculated from day to day and can be modified upwards or downwards. They are valid for the indicated number of participants for each trip with accommodation in a double room / tent (exceptionally triple) to be shared. These are "from" prices. Prices are confirmed upon registration. If the number of participants guaranteeing the departure of the trip is less than that indicated in the brochure, we may have to offer you the departure of the trip with a supplement to maintain the departure. The price applicable on the day of registration is that indicated on the program received as an offer. Most often, the price does not include: registration fees, insurance, personal expenses, drinks, local entry and / or exit taxes if applicable, visa fees, all services localities not included in the program.

Price revision

Any change in exchange rates, the prices of the various components of a trip and in particular the price of fuel may lead to a price readjustment.

Health and administrative conditions

Nomad's Asia cannot replace the individual responsibility of each of the participants. They must comply with the regulations and formalities of police, customs and health at all times of the trip. Participants are responsible for obtaining all the documents required by the authorities of the countries visited (identity card, passport, visa, vaccinations, etc.). Information on this subject in brochures or technical data sheets is provided for information only and does not engage our responsibility. Check for yourself before departure with the authorities concerned (consulate in general) the list of mandatory documents. Nomad's Asia does not take the necessary steps to obtain visas. We are not responsible for any refusal to obtain these. However, our team remains at your disposal to give you the information to help you with the administrative procedures.


We cannot be held responsible for the following events: delay or inability of a participant to present the required documents in order, loss of these documents or unforeseeable and irresistible circumstances such as strikes, social events, bad weather etc ... interrupted or shortened by the participant and for any reason whatsoever can not give rise to any refund. The information contained on our website is given for information only. We reserve the right to modify the program at any time if safety or bad weather so requires.

Risks and physical abilities

Given the nature of our trips, each participant is aware of the risks they may run, particularly due to the distance from medical centers, and in particular to the altitude. Indeed, some of our tailor-made trips established according to the client's request provide for a rapid rise in altitude and we cannot be held responsible for the risks associated with it. Each participant therefore assumes these risks with full knowledge of the facts and undertakes not to hold the responsibility for accidents that may occur on Nomad's Asia and on the guides or on the various service providers. If the circumstances so require, in particular to ensure the safety of the entire group, for climatic reasons or unforeseen events, Nomad's Asia reserves the right directly or through its companions to substitute a means of transport. , accommodation, an itinerary to another, as well as dates and times of departure, without the participants being able to claim any compensation. Each participant must comply with the rules of caution and follow the advice given by the guide. Nomad's Asia cannot be held responsible for accidents which may be due to the individual recklessness of a member of the group. Nomad's Asia reserves the right to expel from a group at any time a person whose behavior may be considered to endanger the safety of the group or the well-being of the participants. No compensation will be due to the customer. Underage participants remain permanently under the responsibility of the holder of parental authority or his representative designated by him, and accompanying them during the trip.

Each participant undertakes to train in an appropriate and coherent way to carry out the activities planned in the program of his trip. If forced to abandon or if the guide decides to modify or cancel an activity, Nomad's Asia cannot be held responsible for this decision. No refund or compensation will be due to the customer. The client / participant undertakes to respect the instructions of the guide. Any additional fees or costs that may result will be borne by the customer.


Luggage remains the responsibility of customers at all times. Do not entrust your companion to supervise them. He cannot materially perform this task. The maximum authorized baggage weight varies depending on the company. Inquire directly with them. The airline is solely responsible for the luggage that you entrust to it during transport. In the event of loss, delay or damage to your luggage, it is your sole responsibility to take the necessary steps. Your luggage is often transported by rudimentary means (mule or camel back, 4x4 gallery). In the event of damage, Nomad's Asia will not be able to study any claim on this subject.

Air Transport

The contract between air carriers and their customers is governed by the International Convention of Montreal and is reproduced on airline tickets (except charters). Here is an excerpt from his art. 9: "The carrier undertakes to do its best to transport the passenger and baggage with due diligence. The times indicated on the timetables are not guaranteed and do not form part of this contract. The carrier may, without notice, substitute for other carriers, use other planes. He can modify or delete the stopovers provided for on the ticket if necessary. Times are subject to change without notice. The carrier assumes no responsibility for connections ". We too can only submit to this international convention. If flight times are changed by the company, we cannot be held responsible. Ditto in the event of a change of departure or arrival airport. The resulting costs will remain your responsibility. Nomad's Asia does not pay any compensation for this. Our prices are calculated according to the prices communicated by the companies. These, to optimize their price offer, use so-called "Yield management" techniques. These methods have led to the creation of "reservation classes" which involve a certain quota of reserved seats for each fare category of the same flight. This entails for the traveler, prices changing up or down depending on periods of high demand or lower demand. Thus, it may happen that a flight is not accessible at the lowest price when it is not full. Likewise, it may happen that when you register, there is no room left in the fare class corresponding to the fare in our brochure. In this case, we would have to offer you a price different from that offered in the program. It is therefore important and advantageous for you to book your trip as early as possible, in order to be assured of the availability of seats and to be able to benefit from the best airfares. Please note that for all our trips, the tickets we provide are non-modifiable and non-refundable. Changes without notice may occur in the event of deletion of lines, modification of schedules, price readjustments. They can in no case be considered as contractual.


Nomad's Asia cannot replace individual civil liability and repatriation insurance which each participant must hold. Each participant must take a copy of the contract (your personal insurance contact details) with them, as you are responsible for reporting claims to insurance (our guides and local officials will assist you in this process). Additional costs relating to repatriation will be borne by the customer.


Air taxes for tickets we buy for you are included in the offer. The costs of additional personal baggage will be paid by the customer himself. New mandatory airport taxes may come into effect. We will communicate these new taxes to you upon reservation within the limits of our information. They will be due in all cases.


The 1st day of the trip is the day of your arrival in Central Asia, even if it is late at night, and the last day of the trip is the day of the flight back home, even if it is early on morning. These days are counted in the duration of the trip. We do not assume any additional costs caused by early morning or late departure or return schedules. The prices are flat-rate and cannot give rise to any refund or credit in the event of an early or late departure or arrival time.

After sales - complaints

Any complaint relating to travel must be sent, within 15 days of the return date, to this email address: office@nomadsland.travel . Only complaints concerning non-compliance with the program or intolerable behavior of the management team may be taken into account. Any complaints which could have been made before or during the trip and which would have allowed our guide to improve or adapt quickly will not be taken into account. Food remarks must be made before departure or during the stay. Our guides are able to adapt the menus according to the wishes of the customers or during the program. If you think that the remarks made to our guide during the stay have not been taken into account, we ask you to telephone a person in charge of our office in Bishkek (+996 312 564733)


Any dispute resulting from the above conditions is the responsibility of the High Court of Bishkek, only Kyrgyz law is applicable.

Insurance & travel assistance

Nomad's Asia accepts no responsibility and additional costs will be charged to the customer.

Personal informations

COMPUTER: Brochure requests and registrations are processed by computer. You have the right to access and modify information concerning you. Unless you advise otherwise, we reserve the right to use this information to send you various commercial documents from our company.

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