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Custom trips

Spent two weeks in Kyrgyzstan, with one week dedicated to participating in a transhumance in the southern part of the country with the agency Nomad's Land. The journey was guided by Fabien, a Frenchman who has lived there for several years after falling in love with the region. The group consisted of only three tourists, the guide, and the entire shepherd family, embarking on a multi-day horseback trek to Lake Köl-Suu. As a complete novice in horseback riding, an entire day was spent with the horses before departure to become more comfortable, learn to ride, and saddle them. However, having prior horseback riding experience would undoubtedly make the experience more comfortable. The journey itself was exceptional, traversing vast valleys, plains, mountains, and landscapes as beautiful as they are immense. It is an ideal adventure for nature and wide-open space enthusiasts. A huge thank you to the hosts, who were always attentive, and to the guide from Nomad's Land for sharing a love for the culture, history, and country.


Nomad's Land organized for us, two colleagues, a weekend trip to Chon-Kemin. It was wonderful. They were very responsive to our wishes. The whole experience was very enjoyable. The guesthouse was simple, but fine, with a great host. Beka, our guide, led us expertly. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks, Fabien, for the great organization and the good advice.

Franziska Gassmann