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One of the most snowy region of Kyrgyzstan

Key information about Arslanbob

Ski Backcountry
Jalal-Abad Region
November - April
1750 m - 3500 m
Jalal-Abad80 km

Arslanbob village

The village of Arslanbob is unique. It is located in Jalal Abad Oblast, on the foothills of the "Ferghana" mountain range. This village is well known for its original walnut forests, but also for its rich nature, clean air and surrounding mountains. The population is predominantly of Uzbek origin, which makes it another peculiarity.

Arslanbob village

CBT Arslanbob

The Community based on tourism (CBT) of Arslanbob was the first regional community attracting skitourers and backcountry skiers. The community offers the accommodation and the food, the logistic and some guides have today get enough experience to accompaign you to the mountain side.

CBT Arslanbob

Perfect snow and wide possibilities

The climate in Arslanbob is particularly snowy. The clouds come from the south, and blocked by the Babash Ata massif (4428m.). The mountains surround the village with long meadows. At the end of the day, when we return to the village, we will ski through the walnut forest. The snowfall is abundant and the layers can reach 2 meters of snow. In the spring, it is possible to pitch the tents on the pastures, and to ski at the CBT pass until the end of April.

Perfect snow and wide possibilities

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Jalal-Abad80 km
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Tarifs 2023/24

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Transfer from Bishkek

5-7 pax  
29000 soms
8-18 pax  
32000 soms

The Arslanbob CBT association, which bears the NGO name "Relict Forest", offers accommodation in the homes of members of this ecotourism association.

The level of service is rated in edelweiss, from 1 to 3 edelweiss. 1 edelweiss is given to traditional houses with outdoor toilets. Houses with 2 edelweiss have indoor toilets. With 3 edelweiss, you can wash your clothes in a washing machine.

The quickest way to get to the village is by taxi or bus from Jalalabad or from the crossroads to the village of Sovetskoe.