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Embarking on a journey towards sustainability is not just a commitment at Nomad's Land; it's a fundamental ethos that shapes our every action. 

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Samuel Maret

16 December 2023

Our coordinator in sustainability

Since the inception of her role in 2021, Aisulu has been vested with a distinctive responsibility β€” to spearhead and meticulously coordinate our sustainable tourism initiatives, ensuring alignment with the rigorous standards of Travelife certification. Her dedication goes beyond routine tasks, encompassing the intricate orchestration of programs that not only captivate the adventurous spirit but also exemplify a resolute commitment to environmental conservation and community well-being.



Kyrk Kyz pass
Nomad's Land

Sustainable policies

Embarking on a path of continual improvement, Nomad's Land is proud to announce the development of new sustainable policies aimed at fortifying our commitment to responsible tourism. One noteworthy addition is our specialized policy addressing tours involving animals, underscoring our dedication to ensuring the welfare and ethical treatment of all creatures involved in our adventures.

Recently, our team organised a comprehensive training session for the tourism community in Kyzyl Suu, nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of the Jeti Oguz region of Kyrgyzstan. Held in November 2023, this initiative reflects our commitment not only to preserving the rich nomadic traditions, but also to enhancing the skills and knowledge of our guides and local partners.

Yurt camp in Boz Uchuk valley
Nomad's Land

Improving our intern and extern management

Nomad's Land proudly unveils a transformative upgrade in our intern management system, signifying a pivotal step forward in our unwavering dedication to sustainability and responsible tourism. Beyond the routine measures of energy conservation and enhanced waste recycling within our office premises, we've embarked on a comprehensive restructuring of contractual terms with providers, guides, and clients. This strategic recalibration aims to instill improved organizational efficiency, redefine team missions and procedures, and expand our sustainability initiatives beyond internal operations.

This revamped intern management framework not only reinforces our commitment to sustainable practices but also endeavors to extend the ethos of responsible tourism to a wider network of local partners throughout Central Asia. By adapting contractual terms, we are reinforcing sustainability at the heart of our business operations, introducing refined organizational processes, clearly articulated team missions and procedures.