Trek of Ala Kul lake
16โ€“19 June 2024

The program will start at Karakol, and finish in Karakol. 


                                Karakol - Sirota camp
Hiking from Karakol to Sirota camp
Karakol - Sirota camp

In the morning, we'll board a local bus near the entrance of Karakol National Park. Our hike begins by tracing the path of the Karakol River, following a dirt road that gradually leads into the scenic Karakol gorge. After crossing a bridge, we'll ascend along a steep track, tracing the flow of the Ala Kul lake's pristine waters. Along the way, take in the majestic pine trees of the Tien Shan and the rushing currents of the Karakol River fed by glacial melt. We'll spend the night under the stars, camping at the picturesque Sirota campsite.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
23 km
1045 m
20 m

                                Sirota camp - Ala-Kul lake
Short hiking day to Ala-Kul lake
Sirota camp - Ala-Kul lake

Embarking from the campsite, you'll ascend to the stunning Ala-Kul Lake, reaching an elevation of 3523 meters. The trail is steep as you approach the lake, offering a thrilling challenge and rewarding views. Enjoy a picnic lunch on the shores of the lake, surrounded by breathtaking mountain vistas. In the afternoon, take a leisurely hike around the lake, with the option to summit one of the nearby peaks for even more spectacular panoramas. During winter, Ala-Kul freezes solid, its depths shrouded in mystery. Be prepared for nighttime temperatures to drop below freezing as you spend the night in your cozy tent, nestled amidst the wilderness.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
4 km
620 m
20 m

                                Ala-Kul lake - Altyn Arashan valley
Trek accross the Ala-Kul pass then down to Altyn Arashan valley
Ala-Kul lake - Altyn Arashan valley
The path, difficult hike up a scree to the neck Ala-Kul to 3890 meters. From the pass, the view is absolutely magnificent lake and surrounding peaks. Descend to the colorful canyon Keldike camp in the valley of Altyn Arashan.
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
12 km
380 m
1325 m

                                Altyn Arashan valley - Karakol
Walk down into the Altyn Arashan valley and transfer to Karakol city
Altyn Arashan valley - Karakol

We'll descend along the piste, passing by hot springs where you can take a relaxing bath if desired. Continuing our journey, we'll hike down the steep, rugged road into the gorge. The final stretch of the trail is gentle as we make our way to the village of Ak-Suu. From there, we'll travel by transport back to Karakol, where we'll enjoy a hearty dinner and spend the night.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
23 km
0 m
750 m


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