Бэккантри база Жыргалан

Jergalan Chunkur Tor - ski touring 2017

Jyrgalan village is located 60 km east of Karakol town, in the Issyk Kul Oblast. Jyrgalan is a mountain village built at an altitude of 2250 meters, during the Soviet era for the exploitation of coal. The mine now closed, the inhabitants of the village have decided to form an ecotourism community and to develop year-round tourism in this little-known region.

In 2021, the community offered 8 homestays, 2 yurt camps and 1 guesthouse. There is no ski lift, but a snow-cat and snowmobiles.

In winter, in the snowiest region of Issyk Kul, the village turns into a small freeride ski resort where everyone will find a favorite activity: ski touring, split-boarding, snowshoeing, hiking, horseback riding, but even more important in the eyes of travelers, is to find an atmosphere of an authentic village with shepherds and their cattle. And for those who would like to stay in the village, you can take a sauna, cookery lessons and taste great cuisine of your hosts.

The off-piste are very varied, the peaks of the radial exit are between 2700 and 3500 meters above sea level, drops up to 1250 meters. The nearest slopes, covered with fir trees, allow skitouring trips even with bad weather conditions.

The avalanche's risk is not negligible due underlays of cold snow. So it is strongly advised to hire the services of a local guide. Some Kyrgyz guide are certified IFMGA.

In collaboration with the local community and with the Association Boule de Neige, we are participating in a development program for learning to ski for children in Jyrgalan. This fall 2021, a donation of equipment has been sent to the Karakol's Youth Sports School which will distribute ski equipment. Also, we are currently looking for a baby-lift for the Jyrgalan's school.

Фрирайд - спот

Зимний юрточный лагерь Ак Таш

outside view of yurt (winter time)

Ak-Tash (which means "white stone" in Kyrgyz) lies at the foot of the great forests of Chong Kyzyl Suu Valley. The red rock hills form an incredible contrast between the blue Issyk Kul lake and the large meadows covered with edelweiss. In summer, the Ak-Tash yurt camp provides a stopover for overnight stays if you come on horseback or by foot from the Jukku Valley or Jeti Oguz. In winter, yurts become a base camp for ski touring. An ideal place to enjoy the slopes of Siuttu Bulak, Giukiuro, Burgan-Suu, and the mountains overlooking the Kichi-Kyzyl-Suu Gorge. Gradients of more than 1500 meters and descents of more than 6 km are possible in this region. The hot springs of Chong Kyzyl Suu are located 4km upstream, before reaching the geophysical station located 4km higher than the springs.

Фрирайд - спот