Hot Springs of Jukutchak Valley

Fabien Selosse

Issyk Kul regionKyrgyzstan • 2236 m

One of the side valleys of Juku Valley.

Popular for its local hot spring and the cave of the 300 sheep.

The Swiss journalist and traveller Ella Maillart passed by this valley in 1932 during her trip to Central Asia.

The Jukkuchak valley is really well described in her book, Turkestan Solo, you can walk up the valley while reading the book and identify the places she wrote about.

Nowadays, the natural hot springs are famous among locals. Entrance fee is 100 soms.

It is recommended to not stay more than 30min in the baths, as there is natural radioactivity in the water. If you are courageous enough, after the hot springs, soak your body in the cold water of the mountain river nearby.