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Towards Nomadic Land: A Documentary by Lucas Garceau BΓ©dard

In 2018, Nomad's Land had the pleasure of supporting a group of young Canadian an extraordinary adventure captured in the film "Towards Nomadic Land." This cinematic journey takes us deep into the heart of Kyrgyzstan, where five young adventurers in their twenties embark on a tumultuous expedition of backcountry skiing and cultural exploration.

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Samuel Maret

25 May 2024

A Journey Beyond Expectations

From meticulously planning their trip from A to Z, our protagonists quickly realize that even the best-laid plans can go awry. Their adventure is marked by unexpected challenges, including two serious accidents that force them to alter their course drastically. Through these trials, they demonstrate incredible resilience, pushing forward and adapting to whatever the journey throws at them.

Reflections and Revelations

As they navigate the harsh yet beautiful terrain, their experiences prompt deep reflections on their true aspirations and the importance of simplicity. The mountains, with their majestic and often unforgiving nature, serve as both a backdrop and a guide. The striking imagery captured in the film allows viewers to feel the force and dignity of these landscapes, whose silent voices speak volumes.

The Power of the Mountains

"Towards Nomadic Land" takes us beyond the physical journey into a more profound, almost spiritual realm. The critical moments of hardship and the serene instances of connection with nature invite us to ponder our relationship with the wild. The film immerses us in the vastness and the devastating power of the mountains, leaving us in awe of their grandeur.

A Cultural Immersion

Equally captivating is the film's portrayal of Kyrgyzstan's semi-nomadic culture. Our adventurers delve into the rich traditions and everyday lives of the local communities, gaining insights that inspire them to travel more thoughtfully and sustainably. The cultural exchanges, set against the backdrop of stunning natural beauty, enrich their journey and ours.

An Invitation to Travel Differently

Through words and breathtaking visuals, "Towards Nomadic Land" encourages us to embrace the unexpected and to find beauty in simplicity. It is a powerful reminder of the resilience required to overcome obstacles and the importance of respecting and understanding the cultures and environments we encounter.

Join us in experiencing this remarkable journey. Let "Towards Nomadic Land" inspire you to explore new horizons, appreciate the raw beauty of nature, and travel with a deeper sense of purpose and respect for the world around us.

A Documentary by Lucas Garceau BΓ©dard with

  • Lucas Garceau BΓ©dard
  • Jean Philippe Paquette
  • Γ‰mile CΓ΄tΓ©
  • Moritz Zit
  • Sarah Deutinger


  • Lucas Garceau BΓ©dard β€” Director & Script
  • Jean Philippe Paquette β€” Director of Photography
  • Γ‰mile Dontigny β€” Editing
  • Guillaume Boulay // Broussailles β€” Original Score & Audio Mix